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I Forgot My Blessings

White Bounty
White Bounty

Beautiful fresh produce.

Yummy ideas rolling through my mind.

Green salad with reds and purples.

Something yummy from the kale.

Fresh, dark dense broccoli.

A rainbow of radishes.

Forgotten Kale
Forgotten Kale

All forgotten when I was hurt and choose to focus on my hurt, my questions.

Rainbow of Radishes
Rainbow of Radishes

I forgot my blessings.

Flowering Broccoli
Flowering Broccoli

My produce was forgotten for days while I reeled in hurt and confusion. It was not so pretty when I got back to it. More of it went to waste than would have if I had remembered and used it right away. The bounty was deteriorating from neglect. Broccoli once dark and dense was now yellow and flowering. Dark rich kale was wilted, limp, and yellow.
I forgot so much more than the wonderful produce.

I forgot God loves me. I forgot He is all I need. I forgot He is my defender. I forgot my days are in His hands. I forgot I have given my life to His service.

I hadn’t really forgot all those things, but I chose to focus on hurt and confusion instead of all my blessings.

Much of my produce went to waste. The greater waste was my days. In my forgetting I was miserable. I am sure I was no fun to be around. I was using all my resources to “keep it together”. I had nothing extra to offer anyone else. I missed being a blessing because I forgot my blessings.

Being thankful, remembering the blessings, is making the most of what we are given. Focusing on trouble is like letting the gifts rot and be wasted.

Have you ever focused on hurt or circumstances instead of being thankful for your blessings?

When have you gained a new perspective by focusing on your blessings?

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