In Need of a Makeover

This +
this =

I’m a “piler”. I make piles of stuff instead of decisions. I am getting better, but I’ll likely never be cured.

I wanted something to contain the pile plus the pile I use on a daily basis. This freezer basket won the nomination.

I took an old comforter cover and tore it into strips. I wrapped during the week while the kids worked on their lessons.

I found some wonderful ideas for fabric flowers on Pintrest. First I tried this one. I didn’t like the pointed petals so I used that design for my leaves.

Next I did these flowers. My daughter discovered that bigger stitches allowed to gather the petals closer for a smaller center.

I attached the flowers leaves and twine with Tear Mender, my favorite fabric glue :). 
I’m happy with my basket and the top of this cabinet my now be my longed for control center…

I’m still in desperate need of a makeover myself. While I work on that I will be encouraged by my basket.

What are your favorite ways to stay organized?
What helps you juggle your many roles?

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