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Let Pressure Push You to Healing

I’m an emotional wreck. I can’t think. I can’t hold back the tears and this intense ache.

A clear thought breaks through the suffocating emotion.

This hurts way more than it should. This is just normal teen stuff. They want to be with their friends. It’s a really busy season.

Why is it hurting so bad? What is it I’m really feeling?

I’m feeling SO rejected!

Rejection and I go way back. Way, way back. That’s why this hurts so bad. It’s time to heal.

Let Pressure Push You to Healing

I’m feeling pressure, stress, from other’s choices. I feel rejected. A crazy thing about feelings is I can feel rejection without ever having been rejected. This isn’t about blaming or figuring out who rejected me. It’s about me examining the wound with the Lord and receiving His healing so I can deal with current events as just that – current, present – not clouded and confused by past wounds.

Looking at pressure like the lobster, it’s time to grow.

  1. Humble yourself before the Lord.

Lord, I come before You knowing You want my healing, You want my heart as broken as it is. I ask You to show me my part. I submit to Your loving direction for where to go from here.

  1. Ask Him where the pressure is coming from.

Where is this intense emotion coming from?

This pressure is coming from rejection in your past.

  1. Shed your shell.
    • Identify the wound. Is there a specific memory? What is your earliest memory of this wound or this feeling?

I have so often felt rejected, not good enough for many reasons.

  • Identify any lies you believe because of this wound.

I was too sensitive, too quiet, too smart, too naïve. I am rejectable. There is something uniquely wrong with me. No one wants to spend time with me. I’m no fun.

  • Forgive anyone you need to forgive. This releases them from your judgement. It does not say what they did was okay. It also releases you from the sin of unforgiveness which leads to bitterness.

I forgive those who have rejected me including myself (you don’t need to read my list 😊). I release them and myself from my judgement. I pray blessings and the experience of the Father’s love for each of them.

  1. Begin to grow a new shell.
    • Receive healing for your wound.

Heavenly Father, I receive healing for my wounds of rejection.

  • Ask for the truth for any lies.

What is the truth?

I made you exactly as I want you to be. Being or felling rejected in the past does not mean you are rejected now. I will never reject you. You are accepted in Me and can handle any rejection or feelings that come.

  • Practice believing them, thinking them, speaking them, imagine how you would act if you believed the truth and act that way.

When I believe I am accepted by the God of the universe I can love without fear. I can see where I lack skills to handle emotions and learn them.

  • Ask Him if there is anything He would like to tell you.

Is there anything You want to tell me, Father?

I love you. I not only accept you, I chose you before time began. I paid for you with the life of Jesus. I will never reject you. Be patient and stay in the process of healing.

  1. Stay hidden in His presence until your new shell is grown
  • Ask for strategy for how to stay hidden while you grow. That may include certain songs, journal, a book, study, or a new relationship.

I am reading a couple of books, following their steps for healing and learning skills I lack. I started a Bible study for encouragement, growth, an accountability.

  • Knowing to step back into His presence if you find yourself out of it or feeling more pressure – seeing your shell isn’t grown yet

When feelings of rejection rise up I spiritually step back into His presence and His acceptance.

I would love to hear from you.

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8 thoughts on “Let Pressure Push You to Healing

  1. This is something, I think, everyone faces on some level or another. We don’t always identify it. Excellent thoughts.

    1. Welcome Marie! I agree rejection is something everyone faces, likely on many levels. I’m learning identifiying emotions is nessecary for healing. Thank you for reading.

  2. This is a powerful post! Step by step holding hands with the reader on how to go to their heavenly father to heal. I love it!

    1. Welcome Justina, thank you for reading. It’s encouraging to hear my thoughts made sense.

  3. Rejection is something I know very well some very real other probably only self thought but painful just the same. I have dealt with this through God’s love. Knowing I have Him to turn to is the best step out of my feelings of rejection or loneliness. I thing your words can be very helpful and I hope you put them all together in a book of hope for people to turn to as you also offer the Master’s references to show what you are saying is what He says in His book-the Bible.

    1. Cindy, I’m sorry you know rejection well. I’m glad you can step out of your feelings of rejection and loneliness with the Lord. What does that look like for you?
      Since you feel my words offer hope I pray you will find hope to move beyond comfort for your pain and find healing.
      I have thought of a book. I need more feedback from readers like you to know I’m effectively meeting a need. I would love to hear how my words have been a help to you on your journey of growth.
      Thank you for being a faithful reader and sharing your thoughts.

  4. This series of posts is extremely helpful & encouaging, Kove. So pertinent to hard stuff I’m walking through right now. Thank you for sharing your experiences & struggles in order to help me with mine. I’m sure there are others who feel the same. Love you. xo

    1. Jess, I’m sorry you are walking through hard stuff. I’m so glad to hear these posts are helpful. Thank you for your encouragement. Love you!

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