Love and Trust are Not the Same

Love and Trust are Not the Same

No email again today.
I guess it’s a blessing – a confirmation that I correctly assessed the situation.
We speak the same words with such different meanings.
It hurts too. Not to be important enough for the hard work of change. That they don’t value themselves enough to pursue healing. It grieves me. It makes sense. If they don’t value themselves how can they value me?
So what do I do now? Jesus has bore my sorrows so I give it to him.
Jesus this hurts. It feels like rejection and manipulation. I think it even feels like betrayal. I’ve trusted someone willing to break my trust for their comfort and say it’s my fault. I don’t want to be foolish enough to set myself up for that again. I also want my heart open to love everyone as You do. Guard my heart without hardening it.”

He responds:

Love and trust are not the same.
Love is unconditional and unearned – a completely free gift.
Trust is earned and must be rebuilt when it’s broken.

I wonder:

Is love holding the tools to rebuild? Keeping the door open to trust again when effort is made?
Trust has boundaries. The tools must be used properly. The effort has to be made.
I can love if the tools are never touched or even thrown away – if an effort is never made.
The relationship could look very different if there were trust.

What about you?

What do you believe about love and trust?
How do you go on loving someone it’s not wise to trust

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Mukkove Johnson

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2 thoughts on “Love and Trust are Not the Same”

  1. Love without trust is sacrificial love–setting aside a piece of my heart without obligation or expectation of love being returned. It’s difficult, painful, and costly. But this is exactly the kind of love we are called to, as we emulate Jesus and his love for us. Thank you for your vulnerability in sharing this, and know you are not alone in bearing this particular kind of burden.

    1. Yes, Michelle! Exactly the kind of love we are called to. Exactly the kind of love we are shown by our Father and Savior. As I learn to better receive His love I can better love those who need it most.

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