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My Life – February

My Life February


Christian: I am journeying through Supernatural Mothering for a second time. Most of February we spent in the chapter on peace. Perfect timing. The books I picked, Hebrew Word Pictures by Dr. Frank Seekins, explains that the pictures represented in the Hebrew word for peace, shalom, mean “destroy the authority that establishes chaos.” Wow. For an object lesson to teach about peace to your children try Fix the Leak.


Wife: We celebrated 23 years since we started dating. We spent much time in prayer and being thankful. We see so many couples around us hurting and struggling. God has been gracious to us.

Hebrew Word Pictures by Dr. Frank Seekins

Mom: I am doing alright. There is always more I want to teach. More ways I want to connect. School is going well. Each child is now responsible for breakfast one day a week. We’re only in our second week but so far so good. I love the extra time in the morning to get a few more things done or have a few more minutes of Bible Study.
During school I started a sweater that was turning out too small so I am starting over. I also started on some wire wisteria. I am really liking it though I don’t know what I am going to do with it. It needs something to climb…


Author: I have been invited to host a table at a local gift shop in April during our town’s Second Saturday event. I am also planning to try hosting a table and perhaps a workshop at the Alaska Private and Home Educators Association’s curriculum fair.
I have a few ideas for books but still seem to lack the focus and direction to work on the like I want.

If you could hear me speak what topics would you want me to cover?

Christian, Wife, Mother, and Author loving life in Alaska.

Feedback is always welcome. Thank you for reading!