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My Life, January

January has been a great time of getting refocused. I love the new year, setting goals and all that planning. This is the first year I think I have easily focused on the progress I have made rather than being discouraged by how far I have to go. My goals are much simpler than past years. I plan to keep growing. I have some good things in place, I am growing so I plan to just keep going.

I am reading and rereading:

  • Keep Your Love On by Danny Silk
  • Jump Off the Hormone Swing by Linda Dillow
  • So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore
  • The Seven Desires of Every Heart by Mark and Debra Laaser
  • I am also doing the Supernatural Mothering Bible study by Ashley Brendle.

I am blessed beyond words. We will have our 20th anniversary this summer. I am amazed. We are both committed to growing and serving one another and I must say it is wonderful. I am enjoying this season very much.

A historic picture. Our family with Holocaust survivor Peter Loth.

We had the honor of meeting Holocaust survivor Peter Loth. His joy was wonderful. His hope so contagious. His story more tragic than I ever could have imagined. His book, Peace by Piece, I have not read yet. I am not sure how I will handle the horror of what he lived through. I know it will wreck me, in a good way, but I am not ready quite yet. My Love is reading it right now so it’s easy to just wait for him to finish.

I am teaching a class I called Story Time at our co-op. I have been enjoying the little bit of creative outlet. I’ll be sharing some of the lessons with you like The Empty Pot, A Lesson in Patience.

I am finally stepping out into homeschooling the way I have always wanted to educate my children. I found Heart of Wisdom’s site again and have been doing some reading on Lifestyle of Learning and/or Delight Directed approach. I longed to do this, and tried, but haven’t – not the way I want to anyway. I am making moves in that direction and feeling so much more free.

I am pondering and listening for direction about writing and marketing this year. I will be blogging at least once a week. Once a month about Grace, sharing about Story Time, devotion ideas, and a random monthly post or two.

I have the opportunity to do a second edition of Christmas is About Jesus. I would be adding More Time with God discussion questions and activity ideas to each devotion. I gladly welcome any feedback about this idea.

How was January around your house?

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Feedback is always welcome. Thank you for reading!