My Life July 2014

Trust me. Learn to really trust me. There are harder things ahead. You are building more than a building foundation. I am building in you a foundation, immovable in me.

Not really the warm fuzzy message I was hoping for when I asked God what He wanted to tell me yesterday, but most certainly what He had to say.


Walking out the lessons I see in scripture and life around me is hard. I have always thought I was patient. Turns out I am not so patient. True patience is waiting in faith, that strong assurance that what God has promised He will bring to pass. Deep in my soul, my spirit for sure I have that confidence. Maybe it is just my flesh and my emotions that are  not patient.

We are in week 11 of our God sized project and have not poured concrete yet. My emotions do not always handle that well, my reasoning either. I do truly believe waiting is grace so I will continue.

I love the song Oceans by Hillsong. To have the faith to go deeper I must actually go deeper. To walk upon the waves there must be waves. To have faith and courage to slay giants there must be giants to slay.

July 30 is out 20th anniversary. I don’t always feel old enough to have been married for 20 years. In other ways I can hardly remember what life was like 20 years ago. Just the two of us, taking off for the weekend on the spur of the moment. I have no idea what we did with our evenings and weekends.

We have grown as individuals and as a couple over these 20 years. I am SO blessed to have a man who lives unconditional love and sacrifice day in and day out. He’s not perfect, neither am I. He is perfect for me. I would have no chance of being who I am today without my husband and his faithful love for me. We so love being together, love being married. We decided to live to at least our 100th anniversary.

I really struggle with this part. I am good at working, especially on projects. They can easily consume me to the point of losing track of the rest of my life. Trying to make the best use of every moment we can work on our building plus take care of the garden, work to get fresh food for the winter, take care of the yard, and help my neighbor I really struggle to make time for fun.

I don’t feel I do conection well in the first place so I really am not feeling I am connecting with my children lately. I know it’s a season, but it’s a longer season than I was anticipating, which doesn’t make any sense, but it’s true. I need wisdom on what to fit in and how to make relationships priority over work getting done.

I have many thoughts, posts, and even a book or two rolling through my head. However I have not craved out the time to get many of them out of my head. I think it maybe should be a tradition for me to post some favorite old posts or something in July. This isn’t the first year I’ve struggled to get posts done in July.

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  1. I identify with so much here. The project that was supposed to be finished, the kids I want to connect with more, the getting-out-of-bed-with-enthusiasm thing (that’s me, not you!), and the newsletter that is still only incoherent notes on a word doc and already a week later than I’d like it to be…thanks for letting me know I’m in good company. :)

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