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My Life – March

Mukkove Johnson: Christian. Wife. Mom. Author.

Christian: I am loving the insights I am gaining from Hebrew Word Pictures by Dr, Frank Seekins.

image: Hebrew Word Pictures by Frank Seekins
Hebrew Word Pictures by Frank Seekins has been a great resource. I refer to it often.

I am being challenged to rest in God’s grace instead of trying to gain understanding. Proverbs 3:5, 6 comes to mind. . . . Anyway I have been struggling to rest. It is hard to focus on the good and the promises instead of all the changes and work I feel I need to do. I am trying.

God is also challenging me to dream again. I thought I was but He is calling me to more, not safe dreams I can see the way to on my own. There are many areas I am seeing I really don’t have dreams. Where there are dreams many are more in the “that would be nice” category than the “I am expecting and working for this dream to be realized” category.

I noticed rest was my One Word 2012 and dream was my One Word last year. Good reminder that I have more to learn.

Wife: I realized last month I was not really sure what to share here. I am eternally grateful by the man I have been blessed to share my life with. We are surrounded by people really hurting in their marriages, some striving to rebuild, some not caring, some hopeless. It is heart wrenching. I thought maybe sharing some ways my husband and I have chosen to stay connected would be a good thing to share.


Morning coffee.  My husband and I discussed last week when we started having our morning coffee. We decided it was in 2003. The first years of our marriage he was up between 3 and 5 am. With young children I simply could not keep those hours. Now we set the coffee pot and alarm to give us a sleepy, leisurely hour together every morning. Sometimes we talk, sometimes not. Sometimes its about the business of life, sometimes dreams, questions or what God is teaching us. We challenge each other to live what we believe. You may not be able to have morning coffee. Find a way to connect. A few minutes after dinner, after the kids are in bed. If you are only getting a few minuets a day make sure you get more time at least once a week.


Mom: The sun is coming back. The heat is coming back with it. We even did our read aloud outside once already. I was sitting in a sleeping bag, but we were outside. Schooling in Alaska when the sun is getting some heat back to it can be tough. I am almost as unmotivated as my children. We’ve decided we have to stick it out for eight more weeks. I am sure more and more of that will be outside.

Spiritual Truths from Everyday Things: Workshop
Spiritual Truths from Everyday Things

Author: I am stepping out and doing my first speaking endeavor. I will be doing a workshop at Alaska’s Christian homeschool (APHEA) convention. The workshop will look at obstacles to spiritual training and how to create object lessons. I am excited and nervous to see how I do and how it is received.

Christian, Wife, Mother, and Author loving life in Alaska.

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