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My Life – May Preparing for Summer

Preparing for Summer

Preparing for SummerMy monthly update.  I share a little about where I am at and what is happening as I am first a Christian, then Wife, Mom, and lastly an Author.

God is so good. He is teaching me deep truths through our God Sized project. I love learning. I love seeing how good he is. I love trying to process what I am learning to encourage you.

I am so blessed. My husband can do so many things. I love watching God’s favor over him as he connects with people for work, our life and our God Sized Project.My truck driver

We wrapped up school and are full swing into summer.

We have a full plate this summer so I wanted to be sure we did the important things and made time for fun. To help with this I made theme days. It looks different every summer. This year it looks like:

Sunday: Worship and work, planning the next week.
Monday: Stay home, regroup from the weekend, serve my neighbor Carol.
Tuesday: Friends and fun
Wednesday: Garden.
Thursday: Projects, inside, outside or writing.
Friday & Saturday: Work on our God Sized Project.

We plan to take a couple of weekends off to go camping before our short Alaska summer escapes us.

Looking AheadNo more chores.

I also took a somewhat crazy step a week ago and did away with chores for my children. It has been wonderful. I realize one week isn’t much of a test but I felt it was a shift my family needed.
My children are 12, 13, and 14. I felt I needed to move to a more adult model of living. My husband and I do not assign chores to each other. We serve each other doing what needs to be done. We have things we usually do because of skills or time but we don’t avoid doing something because its “their job.” That’s what my children were doing. I even found myself doing it. The trash needs to go out but that’s his job, the bathroom counter needs to be wiped off, but that’s his job, the kitchen needs to be cleaned up but that’s her job.

That’s not how I wanted to live, not how I wanted my children to live. I felt it was contributing to their bickering and judgemental attitudes toward each other.

Now the chores are mine. I can ask for help whenever I need it. They are free to see that something needs to be done and do it. We are all free to serve and honor each other rather than judging who did their work or who works harder. I am also free to have them do my chores for me if they are bickering, being rude or disrespectful, disobeying or in other ways wearing me out.

For the summer I am recording the process, lessons, learning, and blessings of our God Sized Project.

I would love your feedback on what speaks to your soul.

Christian, Wife, Mother, and Author loving life in Alaska.

Feedback is always welcome. Thank you for reading!