Of All Else I’m Letting Go

Yesterday, as too many other days recently, I was losing the battle with my emotions. I was a pathetic wreck. I have been holding onto a great many things. Hurt. Confusion. Insecurity. Want. Fear. Loneliness. Sin. Perfection.

This morning as a started my day in quiet I thought “What truth was I going to in the torrent of negative emotions and lies?” It had to have been God asking. I’m so thankful he always speaks to me. All I have to do is listen. I realized I had not gone to God, or any of his truth. I simply kept telling myself I needed to “pull it together” so I could function and not have a wasted day. By shifting gears to work I was distracted enough to have a relatively productive day. However when God asked me what truth I went to I realized I missed his plan and power.

This morning at the end of service the phrase “of all else I’m letting go” started running through my mind. Holding on to anything but Jesus is holding onto captivity and defeat so of all else I’m letting go. I don’t want any of it anyway. Why keep it? I am holding on to Jesus. Truth.

The words above are the truth I am clinging to and meditating on for now. I am hanging it where I can read it multiple times a day, in front of where I sit for meals and lessons and in the bathroom.   

Ask yourself, “What truth am I going to hold onto?”

If our hands our full of “our stuff” we cannot hold on to Jesus.

To print your own follow this link.

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