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Pastor Dennis September 25, 2011

The Helper – John 14:16-18

The one who strengthens, comes alongside

*Challenge to read John 13 on Mondays, 14 on Tuesdays, 15 on Wednesdays, 16 on Thursdays, and 17 on Fridays for the next 5 weeks

God’s commands are not a burden when we love him. Obeying brings blessings.

We need a greater revelation of God’s love (meditate on John 14:21, 15:10)

What was Jesus last command to his disciples? Wait in Jerusalem for power from Holy Spirit. (Acts 1:8)

          Be led by the Spirit with the Word. (Rom 8:14)

          The Holy Spirit baptized us into God’s family (1 Cor 14:12)

          We are sealed by the Holy Spirit (Eph 1:13)

          John the Baptist said we would be baptized with Spirit and fire (Matt 3:11)

          Holy Spirit to teach us all things (John 14:26)

Is the boldness of the Lord upon me? Can people look at my works and see the Father, see Holy Spirit working?

The Spirit is in me to bear fruit to the glory of the Father. (John 14:11-13)

My name is in the Book of Life. What am I risking to help others get their name in the Book of Life?

Am I available to use for his purposes?

What has gotten in the way of saying “yes” to God in any way?

In Old Testament times the priests were responsible to keep the fire always burning in the temple. As a Christian I am responsible to keep my fire burning.

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