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Potatoe Adventure 2013

We are setting off to grow our own potatoes this summer. The main reason I am posting the adventure is so I have a record of what we try and how it works for planning next year. If you are not into gardening or already know what you are doing, bear with me or skip to another post.

I bought 10 lb of CalWhites, supposed to be versatile and store well. They have a more oblong shape than round.

10 lb Redsen, a slightly darker red skin, more uniform size, on the small er side, also supposed to store well.

5 lb German Butterballs, we wanted Yukon Gold, but we got our seed too late they were out already on May 10. Back to the Butterballs. How can I go wrong with a name like that? Small, fairly round, yellow flesh, supposed to be Yummy!

Finally 5 lb Superior these are a very early variety. We will hopefully be eating off these by mid July. They are supposed to be excellent frying potatoes so that will be perfect for our summer cookouts. They have deep eyes and a very pronounced divots on the butt end, not an eye, will not grow. The Superior are very sensitive to light, they green easily so we will have to be sure they stay well covered with soil.

Most are nice small potatoes so I will only need to cut a few. The cut ones should sit for a couple of days to “skin over”. The others can just go straight in the ground.

Now it is off to the root cellar for my seed potatoes because it is much too cold to plant them outside just yet. We still have a foot of snow in some places on our property.

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One thought on “Potatoe Adventure 2013

  1. Looks like a very fine selection you have there! I anxious to see how those varieties work for you.
    I grew Kennebec russets a few years ago, had a record 2 pound potato from that planting!
    I’m hoping the snow melts soon for you!

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