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Praise, Plan, and Purpose – A Look at Today

Those who seek the LORD
Those who seek the LORD

Even young lions sometimes lack food and are hungry, but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing. Psalm 34:10


I praise you that you want to be found, Lord. I praise you for all the good things you supply me. Keep me focused on your good, your blessing. Focusing on what I see, or even worse – feel, is so discouraging. You are good, you have good plans. I am seeking you. I want to know you more. I want to hear your breath, see the love in your eyes. I want to walk aware of your presence. You are in me and I am in you. Your life flows through me. I can love because you love. I can serve because you serve. I can sacrifice because you gave it all for me and to me. I will never lack any good thing.


First order of the day, Breakfast. We have been heavy on egg breakfasts this summer. Right now my hens are not laying enough to feed us and I am having a hard time figuring out how to satisfy two growing boys without eggs. I think this morning may have to be pancakes.

We have to leave, having eaten lunch, by 12 to get to art class.

We are still working on getting back in the routine of doing a morning routine, including chores, in a timely manner. Two have started math, the other will have to start this morning. I have a busier – and feels more confusing – schedule than I have had in the past. I need a good simple strategy to keep us all on track.

Dinner? I really need a better strategy for dinner, too. Working on a menu and a plan are part of this morning’s agenda.

We will be out most of the afternoon so we need to prepare for our first Co-op tomorrow this morning, at least making a list of what will need to be ready before bed so we can have an easier morning. I am teaching two classes and I have to ask some questions before I know exactly what I need.

So I’ve got breakfast, math, menu planning, Co-op preparations… I guess that will get me started. I need to record how long things take us so I can plan better. We may do a language lesson this morning if we have time. Oh and introduce our memory verse. I found this great blog with links to scripture songs and illustrated printables for many verses. I think it will make memorizing easier and more fun.

Praise, Plan, Purpose
The way to a peaceful day

Purpose to follow through.

The main thing for this is to not get distracted online. I get sucked in and off track WAY too easy. Another huge stumbling block is talking myself out of doing something I don’t want to do for some reason (fear, indecision). When I skip or put off one thing it is much easier to put off more, besides there is that little condemning voice playing that I want to drown out. Anyway that is why purposing to follow through is my last step. I asked God to help me plan so that means I need to do what we got on the list!

My plan is to:

* stick to the list

* record how long things take

* make notes on trouble spots


How about you?

What helps you to Praise, Plan, and Purpose to follow through?

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