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Preparing for the Foundation

Breaking Ground
The first of the over-burden being moved.

Friday we began the removal of the overburden from the shop building site.


Overburden is the dirt, plants and roots covering the subsoil or gravel.


All the burden has to go to make way for the plan to come about. For our building, for our lives. After the overburden there was digging.

Digging out the clay
The clay ran far deeper than we were hoping. It’s gone now 🙂

There was a large pocket of clay right in the middle of one edge of the foundation. Clay is pliable, very influenced by circumstances of the environment – moisture, heat, cold. It had to go.


A foundation must be unmoving throughout. A solid concrete foundation will not hold up to the conditions of Alaska, extreme temperatures, wind, and earthquakes, if it is not on completely solid ground.


By God’s grace He is my firm foundation. The solid rock on which He is building the foundation of my life and destiny.

A friend came to visit and see the work we were doing. She raved about the wonderful logs that build the upstairs of my home, the flowering trees at the edge of my yard, and my beautiful old piano.

Logs upstairsMorning sun on my trees IMG_1320

I recognized a pocket of clay susceptible to circumstances of the environment, a hesitancy to be fully grateful.

I am thankful. I have been working on being thankful for what I have instead of bemoaning what I do not have for nearly 20 years. I thought I had overcome.

In my heart to her every praise was the hesitancy, the complaining.


“The logs are wonderful but they need so much work. I don’t get to live in that part of the house to enjoy them.”


“The trees are wonderful but the rest of the yard needs so much work. There are so many more trees I want to have planted.”



“The piano is beautiful but it needs work. I never make time to play it.”

A hole in my soul filled with clay. It has to go for the foundation to be strengthened.

Give Thanks in the Digging

May I endure the digging with grace to my Father’s glory.

Is there anywhere the Father wants to excavate so He can shore up your foundation?

Christian, Wife, Mother, and Author loving life in Alaska.

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