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Reflect God’s Love: Story TIme

Story Time: Reflect God's Love. The Story About Ping
Story Time: Reflect God’s Love. The Story About Ping


  • Ping by Marjorie Flack and Kurt Wiese
  • paper (here’s one you can print)
  • paint or oil pastels or crayons and an iron*



Read and discuss the story. Enjoy. Stop to ask and answer questions. There are many great lessons to explore. In Story Time I touched on discipline being better than other options. I figure most children hear enough about that. I focused on the reflections in the water showing how we can reflect the love of God to others.


Discussion ideas:

  • Why are there rules?
  • Why do we get disciplined?
  • Would it be better for Ping to have taken the swat than hide?
  • How important is family?
  • How do you reflect God’s love? How can people see God’s love in you?
  • Share how you see God’s love reflected in each other.



  • Fold your paper in half. (Our group, using the picture I drew, did the process twice. First for the boat, then for the duck and water.)
  • Draw and color or paint a duck like Ping on the fold of your paper.
  • Add some water around Ping.
  • Fold the paper the other way and press the color from one side to the other. *If you color with crayon iron lightly to transfer wax from one half to the other.


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