Are you at a place where you hate the type of mom you’ve become because of the way you yell at your kids, what you say to them, and especially the way you say all those things to them.

I know because I was that type of mom. I knew I needed the skills, the information, and the transformation but in that moment, I realized, I needed HOPE more than anything else!


If you’re totally ashamed of how you treated your kids on occasions (or on a daily basis) but don’t have the courage to let anybody know… 


Don’t worry because THERE IS HOPE!

Whether your season of mothering is just starting or you’ve been a mom for years


  • You keep feeling overwhelmed, confused, and guilty and you’ve no idea how to deal with these out-of-control emotions
  • You’re unable to pay attention to what you’re feeling because there’s a lot on your plate and you don’t have time to slow down
  • You’ve learned from family, church, and culture that ignoring your emotions and staying quiet is the only way to keep a happy and healthy home

I’m here to tell you that 


The ONE God has designed you to be.


And you can BECOME THAT MOM in a judgment-free, condemnation-free, comparision-free, and shame-free zone.

God has given me the vision to give you hope so you can be free of mom-guilt caused by out-of-control emotions.


I’m here to help you understand that

God created you WITH EMOTIONS. And those emotions have a PURPOSE. 

That means… 

You are not meant to ignore your emotions. They are to be acknowledged.

You can’t pretend that your emotions don’t matter. They exist for a reason.

You can’t choose to process only certain emotions. ALL emotions have value.

And the harsh truth is: If you keep ignoring your emotions, your disconnection will get even worse.

How do I know that? 

I was a mom who would easily show up as a monster when I was too tired, when the emotions of my kids were too overwhelming for me, or they’d push me over the edge fast with disrespect and lying (those two were huge buttons for me).

I didn’t know how to deal with those emotions.

All I knew was to stuff them and keep ignoring them.

I hated myself. 

I felt there was NO HOPE. I was never going to get this right because right in front of my eyes I was ruining these beautiful, little people who I loved from the depth of my heart.




I’m here to tell you that out-of-control emotions are not supposed to be accepted as normal behavior.


I have 4 children ages 4 to 21. 

For my first 3 children, I was the mom who stuffed my emotions until I exploded and the explosions hit my kids badly.

I understand what out-of-control emotions are and how they impact lives and families. 

How can you say that?

Now, I’m a different mom for my 4-year-old.

I understand that you can show up as an adult and hold space for your kid’s big emotions.

Also, because I have learned to partner with the Holy Spirit in recognizing and dealing with my out-of-control emotions rather than choosing to deal with them in my own strength. 

And I admit that I’m still a work in progress. I’m not perfect. I’m not where I was either.

I’m on a mission to share God’s heart with you and give you hope on the journey where you have constantly felt judged, condemned, and shamed – often by yourself

The question is: Are you ready to receive the gift of HOPE? 

Join me in the Restoring Hope Workshop with a select group of moms who are ready to master their emotions and start living free of mom-guilt.

When I say master your emotions, I don’t mean achieving perfection but moving from messing up most of the time to rarely messing up. 

In this 2-hour workshop, I’ll help you receive the gift of hope by learning to recognize, process, and master your emotions. 

Here’s what’s included

  • Understand why God is waiting for you to receive the gift of hope no matter how frustrated, disappointed, and discouraged you feel (and finally break free from the lie that emotions are negative and should be ignored)
  • Discover exactly how your to-do list is an instrument of hope and healing vs. overwhelm and anxiety and be able to see how much your emotions are entwined with everyday life and you can’t stuff them away
  • How you can disarm out-of-control emotions by coming from the place of curiosity vs. letting those stuffed emotions remain the biggest source of mom-guilt 
  • Remove mom-guilt by understanding the difference between two key emotions and what exact messages they are giving   
  • Get the 8 key skills for mastering your emotions so you can move on the continuum of “I messed up most of the time and rarely get it right” to “I rarely mess up and get it right most of the time”  

SO, if you feel you’re failing so badly that your kids would be better off without you, 


Imagine I’m right there with you, holding your hand, giving you a tight hug, and telling you “NO MATTER HOW DISAPPOINTED AND DISCOURAGED YOU FEEL, THERE IS HOPE.” 

There’s HOPE because God has amazing plans for you and your family and you can be the mom you’ve dreamed of. 


There’s HOPE because you can partner with the Holy Spirit to deal with out-of-control emotions and be the mom that God has designed you to be. 


Get ready to receive your gift of hope and live free of mom-guilt for yourself and your family.