River of Living Water

I had a picture of someone sitting in a river, water washing over them. The river is the River of Life. They are sitting in the river crying. As the living water washes over them the tears are transformed into treasures.

The water is the Kingdom, the Word, promises, power, and blessing. Sitting on the bank one can see the Kingdom, the power, the blessings, the richness. However sitting on the bank one cannot fully participate in the Kingdom. Manifestation of the Kingdom in each life depends on how fully immersed in the river that life is, at the moment and over time. It takes time in the river to be washed of old habits and wrong thinking. As the washing takes place there is more room for living water inside as well as around. Since it is Living Water fully submersed is the safest place to be.

I realized in many ways I have been watching the river flow by. I long to be part of it, yet I stand at the edge with just my toes in the water. I need to walk out to the middle, sit down and be fully submersed. I need the washing, refreshing, empowering. I need it 24/7.

I tend to be kind of extreme so I think I would love to have a life of solitude with only God and his Word. However God has not placed me in a season of life where I can do anything like that. I have a family and responsibilities. It would be an easy out anyway because it’s easy to love people who aren’t around to annoy you.

 I will read his Word more. I will meditate on it through the day. I will think his thoughts over my own. Right now we are taking a break from our lessons so I think I will listen as much as I can right now as well.

Are you in the River?
How do you stay in the Living Water in the midst of your busy life?

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Mukkove Johnson

Christian, Wife, Mother, and Author loving life in Alaska.

2 thoughts on “River of Living Water”

  1. Wonderful! I also heard to be dancing in the river, but I forgot because I couldn’t see myself dancing.
    Dancing in the Source of the River of Life, that is my destiny! I will meditate on that. If you ever paint it I’ll want one 🙂

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