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‘Tis the Season

'Tis the Season

“This season doesn’t look anything like I expected.” Homeschooling three high schoolers and raising an infant was never on my list of expectations.

“I thought I was supposed to be leading women and writing books. None of that is happening.”

'Tis the SeasonDecember is a time of preparing for Christmas. For me it is also for reflecting on the past and preparing for the future. As I was reflecting on things the Lord was speaking to me two years ago I had both the reactions above. As I reflected a little longer He reminded me of what I am doing and though it doesn’t look like I expected, I am doing what He said I would be doing.

I may not be leading women’s ministry like I was a couple of years ago but I’m leading women through relationship, writing, and my Facebook group.

While I’m not working directly on a book I have started writing regularly on my blog. Any writing helps and gives me connection with readers and a place to offer value.

My season of life with an infant and teens isn’t working quite like I expected.

I’m having a hard time determining what to expect. I think that may be where God wants me for now. Trusting and resting in Him not in my sense of having things figured out. Maybe to have a season defined by relationship to Him instead of my doing.

Yes. That is my season. A season of drawing near, leaning in for His whisper. A season of asking for direction for each step rather than checking in every day or once a week.

What is your season?

Where do you see His faithfulness to work in you what He promised, even if it looks different from you expected?

Christian, Wife, Mother, and Author loving life in Alaska.

4 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

  1. Women definitely live in seasons. Investing in your family is one thing I will never regret and I know the days are not too far off that some or all of them will be gone. My youngest is 12.

    1. Yes, Jennifer we live in seasons. I am learning to really “live” in my season. Before my youngest was born I had a strong sense of how short the years were and how little time I had to teach them SO much. It makes the time with the youngest more precious. Enjoy yours in this season! Watching them grow from children to young adults is amazing, challenging, and so good!

  2. We are human beings not human doings. I believe God wants us in the BEING stage.Being a child of God, Being a Reader of the Word, Being a Listener, Being still to hear the Voice of God, Being a friend, an example, A giver, andf a lover of God. Just being in Him so He can be in us.

    1. Yes Cindy, being in Him so He can be in us. A great way to live.

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