Welcome to 2014

I meant to do this a month ago… I just couldn’t seem to settle down to think, to listen. I still feel I have unanswered questions about where my writing will take me this year but I thought I would let you in on what I know, for now anyway.

I have my tagline as Christian. Wife. Mom. Author.

Mostly this is to remind me of my priorities. As much as I want to be a successful author (not exactly sure how I define that) it really is the last on the list.

Christian: If my relationship with God is not growing my writing will be of no value.
Wife: I can imagine nothing that would be worth letting my relationship with my husband suffer.
Mom: I have my children under my roof for such a short time. There is so much to teach them, for them to teach me. I cannot waste this season.
Author: I write from the other three. I strive to write with a quality that will keep my writing relevant after my current season is over. I write to add value to your life. In this season “being a successful author” cannot take over my life. How do I keep it from taking over?

Here’s the plan for this year.
I am planning to post once a week. I think it will look like this:
1st Week of each month: One Word ~ Grace
2nd Week: Story Time – Read a fun book, do an activity, discuss Biblical lessons
3rd Week: Devotion or Biblical Object Lesson
4th Week: My Life – I’m thinking what we are studying, working on, fun links, maybe how I am doing on my priorities.
5th Week: Only some months will have a 5th week so these will be random. I may do an interview, share links I like, or have a guest post.

I am also playing with a new feature I found where I can post a quote or a quick thought without doing a full post. Still seeing how it works, but I think you’ll be seeing more of those. Of course if I have time and more things I have to share I will post more often. I am just trying to keep it simple enough I can still be doing it next December!

Your feedback is more helpful than you know. If a post speaks to you or is helpful in any way please let me know. If you visit and it seems a waste of your time graciously let me know what you were looking for that you didn’t find. We may not be a good fit or I may need to improve in that area.

Blessings on you and yours in 2014!

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One thought on “Welcome to 2014”

  1. I am realizing the order of my posts for January is different than I laid out in this post. I started late and that threw me off. We’ll see if February works better.

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