14: Can God Really Use Me? Interview with Brenda Schumann

Brenda Schumann is currently a missionary in Honduras investing in moms so they can believe in themselves and can invest in others.

Mental health isn't a “first world” problem

Everyone has something to offer, you have value.

God will use you where you are with what you already have.

Teaching children to identify when the enemy is lying to them.

Launching children with the battles we've won so they are equipped to fight theirs.

Ministering with Holy Spirit, letting Him lead day-by-day.

Releasing expectations and people pleasing

Rest, refreshing, and refueling
Listen to teaching, naps, nature, not social media, connect with people, ask what I need.

Learn more at support Brenda's mission:
Light Your World Ministry
Facebook at @lywministry

Brenda has a Master's Degree in Social Work with 18+ years in trauma and attachment treatment.  She's a Mom to grown daughters.  An author.  Loves to empower people in their kingdom identity and purpose.  And gets the privilege to love hard the children, teens, and women that God has entrusted her with as a missionary in Honduras.

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