32: Christmas – Bells – Jesus is Coming Again

December 12
Jesus is Coming Again 

 “You saw Jesus taken away from you into heaven. He will come back in the same way you saw him go.” Acts 1:11b 

 Bells are shiny and bright. They are beautiful and make wonderful music. You can enjoy seeing and hearing them, especially at Christmas. 

Bells were used to let people know what was happening. The bells would ring for the time of day and for church service. Bells would announce celebrations like weddings and toll slowly when announcing someone had died. 

Like the bells making announcements, God gave his people many announcements about a Messiah. These promises are written in the Old Testament. The promises told where the Messiah would be born, who his family would be, the life the Messiah would live, and how he would die and come back to life again. There are also many promises about Jesus coming again to set up his eternal kingdom. 

You know Jesus will come again, because all the promises God made about sending a Messiah came true the first Christmas. 

When you see bells, ask, “Am I ready for Jesus to come again?” 

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