34: Christmas – Candles – Share Jesus’ Light

December 14th 
Share Jesus’ Light 

 “In the same way, you should be a light for other people. Live so they will see the good things you do. Live so that they will praise your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

 Candles used to be the only light people had after the sun went down. The candles had to be set up high to spread their light as far as possible. Now candles are mostly used for decoration. 

As some families celebrate Advent, they light a candle each week for the four weeks before Christmas Day. 

Candles can remind you Jesus wants you to be a light to the people around you. You can be a light by being loving and kind, like Jesus. When you act like Jesus, you show people Jesus loves them. You spread the light of Jesus by telling others what Jesus has done for you. Jesus forgives your sins. He will forgive the sins of anyone who asks him. He is with you all the time. 

How will you share Jesus’s light? 

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