Holding onto Peace When There’s Little Time to Rest

I shared a wonderful, restful weekend with my husband of 18 years. The plan was to do nothing; at least unless we decided we wanted to do something. 

It was wonderful to rest. No cooking. No schedule. No cleaning. No interruptions. Just rest. 

So peaceful. 

As it neared time to return home, back to schedules and responsibility, I could feel my peace slipping away. 

The worry of being able to get everything done was attacking. I knew I could not get everything done. The worry about choosing the right things to get the most important things done was assaulting my peace. 

How am I still here?

I know there is no faith in worry. It’s fear. 

I know there is no fear in love. 

Yet with all I know, I let fear threaten my peace and sometimes steal it.

My focus so easily slips; derailed by a passing thought. 

God is my peace. 

He has not slipped away. He is my resting place. 

To rest I must go to Him, over and over again, sometimes multiple times a minute. 

I do hear His voice.  I will follow Him. (John 10: 3,4) 

He leads me in places of peace and rest, provision even in the midst of hard times. (Psalm 23)

My body needs to be far busier than this last weekend, my mind more productive. 

This is no reason to let peace be run out of my life. I will hold onto rest.

I can be busy without panic and fear. I can let go of my expectations and hold the hand of Jesus, my Savior, my Prince of Peace.

This was several years ago. I’ve improved in shutting down worry. I’m also still learning to hold onto my peace, My Prince of Peace. He never leaves and never grows impatient with my process. I’m thankful He is making me more like Him.

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