Learn to Listen to the Father’s Voice

I long to know what God has in store for my future. I want to get started. I want to be obedient to His call.

So I wonder: What kind of ministry plans? What about business?

I also see I’m not always obedient today. I don’t always listen when He tells me to pray or act.

He is gracious and prompts me in helpful, gentle ways. He is teaching me His voice.

A simple thing that first brought this to my attention years ago was getting woke up at 3 am because the computer in the living room, that we use for listening to radio online, came on – loud.

As I was crawling back into bed after surviving a dark stumbling trip across the dog and the house I remembered that I had thought about turning it off before I went to bed, but didn’t. That’s not God you may say. I disagree.

I had not shut off that computer for months. Why but God’s grace would I think to turn it off that night, the night it would wake me up and confuse me?

I started to berate myself for not listening and acting when I had the thought. Then I decided to change. I decided I will do my best to listen next time. Not only next time He tells me to turn off the computer before I go to bed but the next time He speaks in a quiet thought that I could dismiss as my own. 

I’m impatient. I still want to know what the future holds. If He showed me the future I would be trying to work on that instead of on what I am supposed to be working on today. God has His reasons for sharing what He shares and hiding what He hides.

I can look back and see how things in my past have prepared me for today so I can also rest in today knowing it is preparing me for any future plans whether I know what they are or not. 

Listening to His voice will never lead me wrong, even when He only reveals one step at a time.

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