5 Ways to Have Influence

We can have an influence. 

A little back story from 2 Samuel 20. Sheba son of Bikri is causing King David problems – again. As Joab is pursuing him he hides in a city called Abel Beth Maakah. Joab builds a siege ramp and began pounding on the walls of the city.

A wise woman of Able asks to talk to Joab. She sees there is destruction coming to her city in a very real way and she speaks up.

1. Speak up

Joab comes to speak with her. She asks why he is destroying her city. I’m sure as the King’s general he didn’t need to give her an audience. We are not given her name, but Joab gave her audience. She carried authority.

2. Know your heritage

She knew her city and her heritage was a heritage of having the wisdom of the Lord. People would come to her city, and likely to her, for the wisdom of God. She knew they were peaceful and faithful in Israel.

3. Challenge the establishment when needed

 She questioned Joab, “Why are you destroying a city that is a mother in Israel?” A mother – peaceful, faithful, known for wisdom.

She knew it wasn’t okay for her city to be destroyed and she challenged the choice Joab was making. Since she was wise, I’m guessing this came after much prayer. I don’t think they built a siege ramp in an afternoon.

Joab explained he just wanted Sheba.

4. Be decisive

Immediately she had a solution. Sheba’s head would be thrown over the wall! She didn’t ask anybody. I imagine the righteous indignation of God was on her and she came up with a swift solution.

5. Be trustworthy

The wise woman of Abel went to her people and said, “Hey, whoever is hiding this guy – Bring him out. We need to throw his head over the wall to Joab.”

They did it! They must have trusted her immensely.

We have influence

Sometimes we may feel insignificant living a “normal” life, especially if we’re “just” a mom. It’s so not true!

This woman is not even named. We have no idea what she did – if she had a business or ministry, or if she was “just” a mom. We don’t know anything else about her. She may have been a spinster, she may have been young.

All that matters is she was faithful to the Lord. That made her wise, faithful, and courageous. It gave her the authority to speak to Joab on behalf of her city in a culture that often didn’t value women. It gave her the authority with her people. She didn’t consult anybody. She just said this is what needs to happen to save our city and the people partnered with her.

Do what God told YOU

As long as you are doing whatever God has called you to do you can have influence like this woman. If that includes business, or a job, or a ministry, or not – it doesn’t matter. I think there are no details about her so she could be any of us. Any of us can be wise, faithful, and courageous to obey the Lord and save our city, whatever that is for us.

What is God calling you to do?

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