98: Embracing Emotional Liberation: Heart Doodling with Jesus to Navigate Life’s Waves

Have you ever felt trapped in a cycle of suppressing your emotions, unsure of how to navigate the whirlpool of your feelings? I was there too until I discovered the healing power of 'heart doodling with Jesus.' Join me on a heartfelt journey as we discuss creating a sanctuary for our emotions, a place where we can unpack the baggage of our past and learn to approach our feelings with kindness and understanding. Through the art of heart doodling, we not only give our emotions a visual form but also find a reflective practice that invites Jesus into the conversation, helping us to better understand our responses to life’s ups and downs, and steer clear of the extremes of emotional outbursts or repression.

In the latest episode, the canvas of our discussion is painted with stories and insights from the monthly 'Heart Doodling with Jesus Workshops.' These workshops are not just about creating art; they're about building a community where individuals come together via Zoom to share, reflect, and grow. We're fostering a support network that extends to one-on-one coaching and group settings, like bible studies or family gatherings, offering a sanctuary for those looking to deepen their emotional intelligence through creativity and faith. And the dream doesn’t stop there – imagine immersing yourself in the tranquility of Alaska on a retreat centered around this transformative practice. If you're curious about bringing this innovative concept into your life or community, this episode is your invitation to embark on a journey of emotional and spiritual discovery.

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