Just You and Jesus

Just You and Jesus
If that’s not working is it your fault?

Do you feel like you try really hard to check all the boxes – prayer, devotions, Bible study – and something is still missing?

 As I have been doing interviews for the new Mess to Majesty 90 days of Transformation and Healing group program I have heard again and again a version of “I know this is true but I’m not sure”.

I know God loves me but I don’t feel it.

I know I am called to more but I feel unworthy.

I know my life is missing depth of relationship but I can’t risk getting hurt.

I know Jesus paid for everything but I still feel the same.

We are called to take every thought captive and renew our mind in Christ. We have an active part in our transformation. When we have taken a thought captive. We’ve put it aside and are thinking God’s thought instead – and it’s not working. We know the truth but it just won’t stick.

When this happened to me in the past I would feel so condemned, so messed up.  Scripture couldn’t be wrong so it must be me.

Years ago I did Beth Moore’s Breaking Free study. She teaches the idea of taking thoughts captive and replacing lies with the truth of scripture. 

It didn’t work for me

God showed me a picture. I had a wall covered with lies. Instead of taking the lies down I was finding a truth, framing it nicely and hanging it on the wall still papered with lies.

I was desperately trying to take down the lies but they wouldn’t move. Again, it must be me. SO many others were getting such freedom and breakthrough. I still felt the same – miserable and beyond understanding.

Years after taking Breaking Free I was introduced to Supernatural Mothering by Ashley Brendle and learning to listen to God to remove the lies. Not just listen but receive healing.

Truth won’t stick where there is a wound

Dr. McBride in Will I Ever Be Enough, said somewhere the truth won’t stick there is a wound. She said it in her own way but it was a revelation for me.

When I read that truth won’t stick where there is still a wound it was so confirming and freeing. It wasn’t me! I had work to do but now I knew what work to do!

Do you relate

If you are doing your best and it’s not working don’t feel condemned and blame yourself. Most likely there is a place in your heart that needs to be healed so the truth has a place to grow. Truth doesn’t grow in toxic soil.

I now use a process of identifying wounds, receiving healing, and planting God’s truth on myself – all the time. It’s one of my favorite things to teach. If you’d like to know more schedule a totally free Connection Call.

There’s more to transformation than willpower.

You may need tools, healing, support, community, or something else.

I’d love to help.

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