Plan a Peaceful Holiday

Are your holiday plans well underway or running away?

To have rest at any time of the year we have to plan and prioritize. Even more so at Christmas. 

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Here’s a method for a more peaceful holiday season.

  • Make a full inventory of all you intend to do.
  • Now list the preparation involved for each item on your list. List EVERYTHING involved, every step in its entirety. 
  • Look at how many resources – not only money – time & emotions, too, each item will take.  
  • Now the reality check. Can you actually do everything on your list? Do you have enough of every kind of resource to pull it off? Another question, do you want to use all those resources? Do you have any reserves? 
  • Make sure to plan for some rest, too.

In the past, I have failed in many steps of this planning.

Every year I continue to simplify and learn to be more realistic in my planning, in understanding what it will really take to pull off my plans.

For many years it was a tradition to make gingerbread houses with two other families. It was a great day for everyone involved. For the planning though it was not just the day on the calendar. There had to be the rearranging of school plans. How long does it take to get snow gear for three children? What about lunch? A special trip to the store for candy we do not keep around the house but need for our project. This is a great tradition and worth all the effort, I just sometimes forget to plan all the parts I need to plan. It goes better when I remember.

It may be that when you really look at what goes into some of your holiday plans you will decide you either do not have or do not want to use your resources that way.

You may want some time to rest so you can have a better attitude toward your family in this “holly, jolly” season.

Question: How is your planning going?

Challenge: Do your holiday plans include rest? Do they focus on Jesus?

If you need help focusing on Jesus this season this book may help.

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