The Power of Learning in Community

I just finished leading my first group coaching program, Mess to Majesty: 90 Days of Transformation and Healing. It was an honor to journey with a small group of ladies as they learned to hear God’s voice, receive healing, and restore their soul.

The group coaching call each week gave the ladies opportunity to learn and receive coaching. They were able to build a safe community to share and process what God was doing in their lives. We explored “The Shame Cycle”, “The Courage Cycle”, and more through my book, Mess to Majesty: Let God Love You in Your Mess.

I always longed to hear His voice, to talk to Him like a friend. I finally learned to hear Him and receive His healing truth and powerful perspectives. I love to take what God has taught me and make it practical and simple to apply for others. It is a joy to share and see others be transformed by God’s goodness.

Many ladies shared their favorite part of the program being the group experience. The power in sharing your story and having other women say, “Yes! I totally understand!” The encouragement of other women praying for you. The blessing of being celebrated when you grow and even more having others point out your growth when you feel you are failing.

Here is what the ladies are saying:

My relationship with God is definitely growing a lot closer over these past weeks. I feel more connected to Him. I definitely started my walk in this program a little bit of rocky relationship with God. ~Emma

Mess to Majesty helped me to accept God’s love and healing from deep wounds that I’ve needed healing from for nearly two decades! ~Ruthie

I love how I just talk and you pull stuff out. ~Lisa

Revoking lies and accepting truths can be simple and yet profoundly powerful when we know how to listen! ~Lisa

Having a Christian Women’s Life Coach has changed me for the better. Allowing God into my life whole-heartedly, has not only changed my relationship with Him, but also as a wife, a mother, teacher, friend, and simply my outlook on life.  ~Julie

(she wrote a blog post about her experience if you want to read more check it out)

I learned so much from these ladies. I’m learning to lead better, serve better, love better.

Through their feedback, I have ideas to improve the program and learning experience. I can prepare better. I can step out and lead. They’re expecting me to, waiting for me, in fact. As a coach, I feel I should know that. I do know that but it shows how we need experience and feedback to see ourselves clearly, to know if we are practicing what we know.

I’m excited to do the next, new, and improved version with another group of women. Would you like to join me?


Are you ready to…

  • have a deeper, more conversational relationship with God?
  • receive healing from old wounds?
  • build a community of like-minded women to share your journey?

Now accepting applications for a 12-week group coaching/mentoring experience

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