How to Partner with Pressure

I like peace. I like easy.

As a lobster grows its shell becomes too tight putting the lobster under pressure. When life is bringing pressure on me I want it to go away. Yesterday.

The lobster follows the design of its Creator and goes to a safe place like the cleft of a rock. In the shelter of the rock the lobster sheds the shell that has become too small and grows a new, larger shell.

When life brings pressure I’m learning to take shelter in my Rock.

If I am being continually transformed from glory to glory my shell is going to frequently get too tight. I can complain about the pressure, wish it away, ignore it, and … miss out on what He has for me in this area of growth.

Instead of seeing pressure as a negative I can recognize it and say “Okay, time to grow!”. I can be intentional in asking the Lord for His strategy, His lesson, and who He wants to be for me. I want to come humbly before Him and shed my too tight shell. I desire to stay hidden in His presence as my new shell grows.

I like things cut and dry, black and white. I want to see the process as clearly as a lobster shedding one shell and growing another.  Instead I can feel pressure from many different sources for many different reasons, all at the same time. I can have multiple spiritual, mental, or emotional shells in various stages.

Knowing the time frame and the outcome – that wouldn’t require faith. Without faith I cannot please Him.

How to Partner with the Pressure

  1. Humble yourself before the Lord. This can be difficult but it is so much easier than having to be humbled.
  2. Ask Him where the pressure is coming from. I think there are three sources of pressure, each requiring unique responses.
    1. Sin/disobedience – our choices
    2. Wounds – other people’s choices
    3. An invitation for more or need for maturity – God may invite us, the enemy may attack and God will use it for our good if we are walking in His purposes.
  3. Shed your shell. Be vulnerable and honest with the Lord
  4. Begin to grow a new shell. Ask Him “What do I do now?”
  5. Stay hidden in His presence until your new shell is grown

When has being under pressure caused you to grow?

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