How to Screen Your Thoughts

What I want to share is a concept that I’ve learned that has been transformational for me.

I shared this in a video or you can read below.

Screening your thoughts

I see it like we have one of those really fancy touch screens like they have in the TV shows. They throw something up on it and move things around.

We have one of those for our thoughts!

Every thought, either from inside us or that comes at us, can hit on that screen before we actually take that thought on as our own or decide what to do with it.

The first question is, “Is this thought in agreement with God’s thoughts or is it not?” If it’s in agreement with God’s thoughts then that’s great! We’re gonna keep that and act on it.

If it’s not in agreement with God’s thoughts we ask, “Is it my thought or the enemy’s thought?”

It’s a liberating truth to know that they’re not all our thoughts!

So if it’s your thought and it doesn’t agree with what God says – I’m gonna come back to that in a minute -because that’s my favorite part.

If it’s the enemy’s thought and we recognize that then we’re just gonna throw it away. We don’t need his garbage and he’s a liar – so his thoughts are garbage.

God’s thoughts are positive and encouraging even if he’s correcting us. He’s still encouraging.

If the thought comes as “You are a failure” that’s a good key that it’s not actually your thought. It’s the enemy accusing you of something. That’s not good, so you don’t need to partner with it.

If you’re saying “I’m a failure” that doesn’t agree with what God says. He says that we’re made perfect in Christ. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We are the righteousness of Christ. We can’t be a failure because it doesn’t depend on us.

The liberating, transforming thing is we can ask “God where did that thought come from?”. He can take us to either where something bad happened or something good that we needed didn’t happen and that lie took root. We were wounded and it made a spot for that lie to take root and grow.

We can get healing for that wound. We can find out what God says and be transformed.

The lies are a lot easier to identify and a lot easier to throw away when the wound is healed. The lie no longer has a strong place to grow.

I hope that’s a blessing. I would love any feedback or questions!

I’d also love to know if you like the video format.

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