The Heart is Deceptive. Or Is It? #104

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What if the heart isn't as deceptive as we've been led to believe? Unearth the biblical truths about the heart's true nature as we challenge the conventional wisdom rooted in Jeremiah 17:9. Discover how the heart's condition changes based on whether it focuses on selfish desires or God. We dissect scriptures like Jeremiah 3:15, Psalm 20:4, and Job 22:22 to show that when aligned with God's will, the heart can be discerning and upright. We also highlight the profound connection between our emotions, experiences, and the healing journey, emphasizing that God truly cares about our feelings and pain.

Ever wondered why Western culture often prioritizes the mind over the heart? We unravel the contradiction between this notion and biblical teachings, focusing on 1 Samuel 16:7. Learn how God looks beyond outward appearances and values the heart, which includes our feelings, thoughts, and character. By exploring the Hebrew concept of loving God with all your heart, soul, and might, we advocate for an integrated approach where heart, mind, will, and emotions coexist harmoniously. This episode invites you to reconsider the belief that the heart is inherently deceptive, and to embrace a balanced perspective that can enrich your faith journey.

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