What Do You Do When You’re Up Against A Wall? #106

Do you ever feel like you’re doing what God told you to do and then you hit a wall?

The Lord showed me two ways of being against a wall

Wall 1

You are traveling the path God has called you to. You are following and making progress. Maybe you’ve been running and striving to get where you think you need to be faster.

One day you run into a wall.
There is no way over or around this wall.

It feels like you will never be able to live the life for Christ you long to live. It’s too hard. It’s not working. You’ll never get it right. You know what’s right but you question if anyone sees Christ in your life.

This is likely a wall that’s foundation was laid in childhood and with the sneaky influence of satan. It’s built with lies about God and His love for you. Lies about yourself. Lies about how the Kingdom of God works.

Jesus is ready and willing to take the wall down.
It’s your wall so He needs your permission.

From an adult perspective it may not make sense that you built a wall to stop yourself. Somehow it was intended to protect you. The thing is when we try to protect ourselves we are not trusting God. We’re getting bad information. When we are hurting the enemy is always there trying to help us make sense of things in a way that will keep us stuck in the long run. Without the help, maturity, and discernment to know the difference, walls get built to protect that eventually trap you.

Once Jesus has your permission He will dismantle the wall in whatever way He chooses. Along with your permission you may need to forgive, repent, break wrong agreements or something else as you sit in His presence.

Wall 2

You have been following God’s call, walking the path He laid out for you. Now you feel He is calling you higher, to more. But you feel like you’ve hit a wall.

The doodle of this is walking a path in the mountains and coming to a cliff. The trail seems to dead end right in front you.

Doubt floods in. 

Did You say to go this way? Haven’t I been obeying? Did I get it wrong?

Then the accusations. 

You never should have come this way. Why did you think you could make it? Who do you think you are anyway?

You are tempted to stop. It feels hopeless and pointless. Impossible.

If you keep going you will see that when you get to the cliff there is a hidden stair cut in the mountain that goes to the next level. You can;t see it because you’re not there yet or because God is calling you to pivot. You need to turn, to shift your focus off the cliff to see the stairs.

You haven’t been wrong.

You needed to come this way to get to the stairs. The steps to get to the next level. There may be relationships, good ideas, things that worked in the past that need to be left behind to ascend the stairs. It doesn’t mean they were wrong or bad, just not for this part of the journey.

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